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Andrei Tarkovsky Creates a List of His 10 Favorite Films 1972

If you, as a filmgoer, have anything in common with me and if coque samsung a40 loup you happen coque huawei p20 to live coque samsung s10 in Los Angeles as wellyou’ve spent the past few weeks excited samsung galaxy j3 coque silicone 3d about the Andrei Tarkovsky double bill coming up at the Quentin Tarantino ownedNew Beverly coque de samsung j3 2017 mickey Cinema. “Iremember that wet, grey day in April 1972 very well,” writes Kozlov in a Sight coque samsung a70 bts and Sound article re posted there.”We were sitting by an open window and talking about various things when the conversation turned coque samsung j3 licorne kawaii to Otar samsung galaxie j3 2016 coque lapin Ioseliani’s filmOnce Upon a coque samsung j3 Time There Lived a Singing Blackbird.”

Tarkovsky struggled toward coque j3 samsung 2016 licorne an assessment of that picture, eventually deeming it “a very good coque samsung a50 loup film.” Kozlovthen asked the filmmaker to draw up a list of his favorites. “He coque samsung j3 2016 gros silicone took my proposition very coque samsung j6 seriously and for a few minutes sat deep in thought with his head bent over a piece of paper,” the critic recalls. “Then he began to write coque stitch samsung j3 2017 down a list of coque samsung s8 directors’ namesBuuel, Mizoguchi, Bergman, Bresson, Kurosawa, Antonioni, Vigo. One more, Dreyer, followed after a pause. Next he made a list of films and put them carefully in a numbered order. The list, it seemed, was ready, but suddenly and samsung j3 2016 coque motif unexpectedly Tarkovsky added another titleCity Lights.” The coque tracteur samsung j5 2017 fruit of his internal deliberations reads as follows:

Nazarin (Luis Buuel, 1959)City Lights(Charlie Chaplin, 1931)Among respected directors’ greatest films lists, Tarkovsky’s must rank as, while certainly one of the most considered, coque samsung a20e aigle also one of the least diverse. The coque evolution samsung galaxy a50 esteem went both ways; coque fille samsung a40 you may remember how Bergman once described Tarkovsky as “the greatest of them all.” Still, as cinematic mutual appreciation societies go, I suppose you couldn’t ask for two more qualified members.

If you can’t make it to theNew Beverly Cinema, you can watch many of Tarkovsky’s coque om samsung galaxy j3 2016 major films (and early student films) online here.

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